Roni Shaked


Roni Shaked is a real estate agent at Phillips & Associates Realty.  She helps her clients win by assisting them in negotiating the buying and selling of one of life’s biggest investments, a home.   Roni has served in the military, carries a business degree, and is a passionate investor.  She grew up surrounded by those in real estate.  Her father is an international developer and builder.  Her family founded the city of Netanya, the 7th  largest city in Israel, and her father has developed many large buildings throughout Israel. Roni has an international background and has traveled the world. Her favorite sport is surfing.  As a former Olympian, she was ranked 2nd in the world in windsurfing.   Married to Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, a Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Roni and her husband live in Fair Oaks Ranch and have two dogs that they love tremendously. Roni helps homeowners sell their home and new home buyers secure the home of their dreams. When conducting business with her, you can expect 100% transparency and a passionate “let’s win” attitude! Please call (210) 862-6773 or email to contact Roni.

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